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Spare Parts

Ultrasonic Cleaner Spare Parts

Spare Parts

  1. Part No:SI-KAP-35
    Ex VAT £6.87 Inc VAT £8.24
    35mm Wide High Temperature Kapton Polyimide Tape 33m long Roll
  2. Part No:SI-KAP-50
    Ex VAT £7.91 Inc VAT £9.49
    50mm Wide High Temperature Kapton Polyimide Tape 33m long Roll
  3. Part No:US-SP-DR-0.5
    Ex VAT £3.80 Inc VAT £4.56
    1/2" BSP Stainless Steel Hose Tail Adaptor for 6L - 36L Ultrasonic Tanks
  4. Part No:US-SP-XL-HEPA
    Ex VAT £35.30 Inc VAT £42.36
    XL Industrial Ultrasonic Tank 1000W Replacement Ceramic Heater Element Pad
  5. Part No:US-SP-HI-3OZ
    Ex VAT £4.40 Inc VAT £5.28
    High temperature silicone gasket maker and sealant designed for use at continuous temperatures of up to 550°F (287°C) and intermittent temperatures of 650°F (343°C).
  6. Part No:US-SP-PC-DIG-V2
    Ex VAT £13.05 Inc VAT £15.66

    PCB control assembly for Allendale 40kHz benchtop digital ultrasonic cleaners, version 2 - LED’s between control buttons. 

  7. Part No:US-SP-XL-CON-4PIN
    Ex VAT £20.00 Inc VAT £24.00
    Replacement 4 pin connector for XL ultrasonic tanks
  8. Part No:US-SP-FAN
    Ex VAT £4.26 Inc VAT £5.11
    Aluminium brushless cooling fan for all 6 litre Allendale ultrasonic tanks. For replacement / spares / repairs
  9. Part No:US-SP-TR-28
    Ex VAT £14.20 Inc VAT £17.04
    28kHz Transducer for XL Series Tanks
  10. Part No:US-SP-EP-56G
    Ex VAT £5.43 Inc VAT £6.52
    The Power Maxed Steel Power Epoxy Tube is a slow curing adhesive suitable for metals, ceramics, bricks, plaster and fiberglass. This product is ideal for DIY household repairs and industrial use.
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