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Test Clean - Try before you buy | Allendale Ultrasonics

Test Clean: Try Before you Buy

Do you have a difficult, time-consuming or hazardous cleaning stage in your process ?

Considering Ultrasonic Cleaners but not sure if they will suit your application ?

If you can’t see a similar case study clean to compare with, why not consider sending our Engineers an item to clean ?

Our experienced engineers can evaluate and report on the process used including details such as :

Cleaner size and frequency used and recommended.

Fluids and concentrates used.

Cleaning Cycle times and temperatures used.

Images of before, during and after cleaning.

Additional recommendations which may help with the process.

This will help you to make a more informed decision on which Ultrasonic Cleaner and Fluids are suitable for you.


Some of the benefits of using ultrasonic cleaners are:

Reducing labour intensive manual cleaning, machines can be left to do the hard work allowing the operator to concentrate on other tasks.

Ultrasonic cleaning through Cavitation will produce a more efficient clean, reaching parts manual cleaning can’t access.


Every operator is different, there fore every clean is different. By introducing an ultrasonic cleaner and setting the perimeters such as; Cleaning Cycle time, Cleaning solution concentration and operating temperature you will find the first item cleaned is comparable to the last item cleaned. This in turn will reduce rejects and waste making the process more efficient, reliable and repeatable.

We have a wide range of solutions, including environmentally friendly options to be used within ultrasonic cleaners. Because the cleaning is taking place within the Cleaner bath there is reduced risk to operators from exposure to toxic cleaning agents and solvents which may be present in prolonged manual cleaning processes.  

Charge may apply – There may be a £40 charge for this service to go towards the cost of fluids and engineers time, we will advise of any costs prior to accepting any items for test clean.

This service is currently only available to business customers.

To enquire about our “Try before you buy test clean” please complete the online request form