Safe & Secure Shopping

Security Information

At Allendale Ultrasonics we take your security seriously. Our website is protected by SSL encryption - look for the padlock in the relevant area of your web browser.

When purchasing online your credit card details are handled with great care and attention to your security. To mitigate against malicious breaches of security we simply do not store credit card information in our systems and we openly publicise this fact to de-emphasize ourselves as a potential target. Any credit card information entered through our systems is processed and immediately discarded. As a result any repeat purchases you may wish to place with us will require re-entry of your credit card details.

Any sensitive information we store, such as your name and address, are stored in our secure database leaving you safe in the knowledge that your details remain private.

Payments secured by Adyen

Adyen is one of  Europe's leading independent payment service provider and one of the most trusted payment brands. Adyen have partnered with eBay and will shortly be the main payment provider for their platform. By using Adyen we make sure the payment process is safe and easy for you. Their highly secure systems have also been granted Level 1 PCI DSS Certification (the highest level in the industry).

Payments secured by PayPal

The widening acceptance of PayPal as a payment service have helped them become one of the leading payment networks for online websites. PayPal's service let their 188 million users worldwide send payments for free and can be used from any computer or web accessible mobile device. By using PayPal's service, our customers are entitled to buyer protection covering eligible online purchases on our website when paying with PayPal for peace of mind. As a seller, we are also protected from being sent unauthorised payments - for example, from hacked accounts.

Connections protected by Let's Encrypt

Let's Encrypt Let's Encrypt is a free, automated, and open certificate authority (CA), run for the public's benefit. It is a service provided by the Internet Security Research Group (ISRG). The use of SSL certificates and encrypting sensitive information at all stages of its lifecycle is a proven method of keeping it safe from hackers. Strong Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) encryption through digital certificates ensures that the encrypted information can only be used by authorised parties.

Managed hosting by Nimbus Hosting

By using Nimbus Hosting dedicated servers we benefit from enhanced security with a managed dedicated hardware firewall, backup, and monitoring. Nimbus Hosting manage the hardware, OS patching, monitoring, backups and other day to day maintenance on our dedicated server, allowing us to achieve and maintain PCI-DSS compliance and keeping your information secure.

Keeping your computer secure

It is important that when using technology you keep away from those that may wish to harm or take advantage of you. It doesn't matter how long you think you will be on the Internet, any computer that accesses the web is at risk of virus infection, hackers and trojans.

We recommend that you keep your computer up-to-date with the latest anti-virus software and firewall protection. You should also remember to update your computer with the latest patches available from your operating system manufacturer.

Why is keeping your computer secure so important?

Any system is only as secure as its weakest link. Although we take care that our website is secure with the latest technology your credit card details, and your computer itself, could still be at risk if you do not maintain your computer as recommended above.