Please complete the form below and we will ship you a FREE sample sachet of Rapidex which can create up to 5 Litres of ultrasonic cleaning fluid. Please note this offer is currently only for UK mainland customers.

Rapidex is a UK based company that designs and manufactures its products in the UK. The products are used throughout Great Britain, Europe and the rest of the world.

The company has specialised in producing cleansers and associated infection control products ideal for ultrasonic cleaners for over 40 years. They are used in a wide variety of situations ranging from Hospital Sterile Services departments to Dentists, Doctors Surgeries, Veterinary practices, Hospital, Podiatrists Tattoo studios and Piercers.

We at Allendale Ultrasonics have discovered that the cleaning properties of Rapidex also suits engineers and mechanics as it removes grease, heavily tarnished items, and is manufactured to a very high standard.

Simply drop the water soluble sachet in to the tank and mix thoroughly until dissolved, and that's it you will now have an effective cleaning solution. – For more information or to order Rapidex please click Rapidex Information

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