Products Under £10

Allendale Ultrasonics presents a range of products under £10.

Products Under £10

  1. Part No:SI-KAP-19
    £7.03 ( £5.86 Ex. VAT)

    19mm Wide High Temperature Kapton Polyimide Tape 33m long Roll
  2. Part No:SI-KAP-50
    £9.49 ( £7.91 Ex. VAT)

    50mm Wide High Temperature Kapton Polyimide Tape 33m long Roll
  3. Part No:US-SO-RAP-12G-10PK
    £5.83 ( £4.86 Ex. VAT)

    RapidEx is a Powerful Ultrasonic Cleaner Detergent in Powder form, perfect for Engineers, Dentists, Doctors Surgeries, Veterinary practices, Hospital, Podiatrists, Tattoo studios and Piercers. It Removes Dirt, Oil, Dried Blood, Tissue Residues and other matter from Surgical Instruments, Tools, Glassware and Hard surfaces such as Stainless Steel.
  4. Part No:US-SP-HEPA
    £3.74 ( £3.12 Ex. VAT)

    Ultrasonic Tank replacement heater pad
  5. Part No:US-SP-DI-HE
    £10.25 ( £8.54 Ex. VAT)

    Thermostat Module for US-CU-BU-XX Ultrasonics
  6. Part No:US-SP-DI-TI
    £9.18 ( £7.65 Ex. VAT)

    Timer Module for US-CU-BU-XX Ultrasonic Tanks
  7. Part No:US-SP-DIAL
    £1.30 ( £1.08 Ex. VAT)

    Replacement Dial with grub screw for US-CU-BU-## Ultrasonics
  8. Part No:US-SP-PC-DIG
    £11.72 ( £9.77 Ex. VAT)

    Pre Order Now and Save 5% or Please Contact Us For Stock Details

    PCB control assembly for Allendale 40kHz benchtop digital ultrasonic cleaners, version 1 - LED’s between digital displays
  9. Part No:US-SP-DR-0.5
    £4.56 ( £3.80 Ex. VAT)

    1/2" BSP Stainless Steel Hose Tail Adaptor for 6L - 36L Ultrasonic Tanks
  10. Part No:US-TA-1.3L
    £10.15 ( £8.46 Ex. VAT)

    Spare bath for use with ultrasonic cleaners. Can be used for pre-soaking of equipment before cleaning, or for rinsing after your cleaning process is complete.
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