Power Maxed Steel Power Epoxy Tube

Power Maxed Steel Power Epoxy Tube - For bonding Transducers

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Quick overview

The Power Maxed Steel Power Epoxy Tube is a slow curing adhesive suitable for metals, ceramics, bricks, plaster and fiberglass. This product is ideal for DIY household repairs and industrial use.
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    Key Features
  • Perfect for bonding Ultrasonic transducers to most surfaces.
  • Repairs Ceramics, Brick, Plaster, Wood and Fiberglass.
  • Fills Metal Castings and Automotive Parts.
  • Bonding Models and Test Rigs.
  • Application Temperature: +5°C - +35°C.
  • Store Out of Direct Sunlight At Temperatures Between 15°C and 25°C.
  • Colour in Epoxy tube: Grey.
  • Colour in Activator tube: Black.

Directions of Use

CLEAN: Clean, dry and abrade the joint surfaces to be adhered.
MIX: Measure equal amounts from each tube and mix until uniform.
APPLY: Apply the mixture to one surface and press parts together.

POWER MAXED Steel Power Epoxy is a slow-curing, strong adhesive with exceptional adhesion to most hard materials, especially metals. Suitable for use as an adhesive for metal, ceramics, brick, plaster and fibreglass, Steel Power Epoxy is ideal for anything from DIY household repairs to a range of more industrial uses.
Power Maxed Steel Power Epoxy Tube is supplied in two 28g tubes. 1x Epoxy tube and 1x Activator tube.

PLEASE NOTE: The use of Steel Power Epoxy is as a secondary securing method, as on our Ultrasonic tanks it is used in conjunction with a mounting stud to improve ultrasonic transfer and ensure the transducer remains secure.

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Part Number US-SP-EP-56G
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