Mixing drinks with ultrasonic waves is proving popular amongst modern bars and across the world as they are equipped with equipment such as our Ultrasonic Cleaners, which have their roots in the laboratory or apothecary.

Brand Ambassador of Crystal Head Vodka, Chris Baldwin, has been working alongside Stu Bale at Crucible in London, England to create Ultrasonic flavour infusions for their vodka. Crucible is the first creative hub for drinks and has one of the best flavour labs in the UK. Chris has been developing new ideas and techniques using Ultrasonic flavour infusion, with an endless list of flavours that can be created using Ultrasonic Cleaners.

Watch Chris demonstrate how you can create a Lemon Peel Martini using Crystal Head Vodka, lemon peel and our Ultrasonic Cleaner. Click here to watch the video.