We are often approached by companies all over the world who have purchased Ultrasonic Cleaners from other companies, but when the time comes to repair a fault or damage, it has proven to be far too expensive for the customer. In actual fact, majority of the time, Allendale Ultrasonic Cleaners have come up to be more cost effective to replace the existing Ultrasonic Cleaner, rather than repair it. Allendale Ultrasonic Tanks are designed and manufactured to the highest standards to provide many years of reliable service.

If you own an Ultrasonic Cleaner that you didn’t purchase from Allendale Ultrasonic Cleaners or if you are currently in the market for one, please contact us today to avoid the headache of large outgoings when your Ultrasonic Cleaner needs to be repaired. You’ll be surprised at how affordable Allendale Ultrasonics really are to buy and maintain! Downtime is dead time, which is why we offer a 12 month return to base warranty, in-house expert engineer support & service and a huge range of spare parts in stock, all year round.

Find out more about our Ultrasonic Cleaners here: www.allendale-ultrasonics.co.uk