Have you ever considered purchasing one of our industrial grade extra-large Ultrasonic Cleaners, but the 3-phase power source is proving an issue?

We have a solution – we now have availability on single-phase extra-large Ultrasonic Cleaners, which will still heat the circuits just like a 3-phase power source would do. If this is of interest, we have capacities of 57 Litres, 90 Litres and 99 Litres in single-phase options.

These new single-phase XL Ultrasonic Tanks use a 16A 3-pin plug which can be wired into most single-phase domestic and light commercial premises where 3-phase wiring isn’t present, resulting in identical performance and operation to the 3-phase variants. As well as matching performance, this can also be a more cost-effective and straight-forward option, compared to running new circuits even when 3-phase is present.

For more information on our XL Ultrasonic Cleaning range, please contact our Technical Product Specialist on 01992 455925 or visit our website by clicking here.