A customer of ours purchased some replacement brushes for a Bosch Jigsaw online, however, when they arrived from China, the push on spade terminals was heavily rusted. Instead of receiving a refund, he decided to put our Ultrasonic Cleaner paired with our Oxidation Cleaning Fluid to the test and tried to remove the rust himself.

Being only 3mm wide and 8mm long, the usual abrasive tools wire brushes and emery paper were impractical to use, so our customer placed them inside a beaker in our 3 litre Ultrasonic Cleaner. He also added 10% of Oxidation Remover Solution inside the beaker with distilled water inside the Ultrasonic Tank then started the cleaning process at 50 Degrees Celsius.

The rust and oxidisation were starting to shift after a few minutes with the fluid becoming cloudy, after 30 minutes it was completely gone and the shiny silver colour base metal was exposed where the rusting had been. This was a time-saving solution to the problem which got into the intricate shape of the connectors, allowing our customer to use the brushes for their intended application.

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