The purpose of this cleaning test was to demonstrate the cleaning method and capabilities of the ultrasonic cleaning function, accompanied by our Flux Cleaner Solution.

The Spray gun presented is contaminated with adhesive, which has settled and formed into a rubbery like substance that is stuck to the spray head, along with its components. As soon as cleaning started, the cavitation process could be seen in action, as some grime is seen lifting. At this stage, there were no visible signs of the adhesive lifting.

After 5 minutes, the Adhesive had started to soften, although shows no signs of lifting. However after 10 minutes, 95% of the adhesive is still very much resident, but we found that the adhesive had softened to the extent that it can be brushed away. To test this theory, a paintbrush was used and successfully brushed away the adhesive, easily. Instead of a paintbrush, we would recommend a spiral brush and a bristle brush. After running the cleaning cycle for a total of 15 minutes the adhesive was readily brushing away.

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