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  1. February 19, 2021

    Customer Question: Will the Carburettor and Machine Parts cleaning solution damage neoprene seals and O rings?

    Read our Ultrasonic Engineer's reply to the customer's query below.


    Q: Will this carburettor cleaning solution damage neoprene seals, O rings etc? Is it totally safe to leave seals in place or is removal required prior to use?


    A: Over the years many different materials have been used to make seals and gaskets in carburettors, and we cannot guarantee that our cleaning solutions are safe to use on all of them.

    Generally, the rubber seals used are very robust to chemicals considering they spend their life in contact with petrol or petrol vapours.

    In an ideal world, we would recommend fully stripping down a carburettor and removing all gaskets, seals, and diaphragms before ultrasonic cleaning, this will give you the best chance of removing contaminants and getting into all of the cavity’s, crevices, and component parts then replacing all seals and consumable parts with new.


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  2. January 27, 2021

    13 Ultrasonic Cleaning Applications you may (or may not) have heard of

    1. Jewellery Industry

    Ultrasonic Cleaning has become widely used in the Jewellery industry, saving time, effort and offering a more effective method for cleaning jewellery and restoring it back to shiny new condition. Our Jewellery and Precious Metals Ultrasonic Cleaning solution has been awarded 5 stars for its gleaming results.


    Watchmakers also benefit from the efficiency of Ultrasonic Cleaners, cleaning the many internal parts in expensive and valuable watches. Our Sensitive Metal Cleaning Solution is ideal for these fragile parts.


    2. Automotive Industry

    With Ultrasonic Cleaners your Carburettors and Engine parts can be deep cleaned in as little as 15-20 minutes. This method impressively removes internal dirt and grime, as well as leaving your parts looking bright.


    Check out some before

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  3. December 16, 2020

    Did you know our Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are used with 1 parts solution to 10 parts water?

    Did you know our Ultrasonic cleaning solutions are used with 1 parts solution to 10 parts water?

    Meaning a little solution goes a long way. The liquid in the bath can also be re-used, conditional to your application and how quickly the water becomes contaminated.

    Sold in 1L, 5L and 25L bottles, we can ensure you have enough solution to last depending on the size of your tank and frequency of use.

    All of our Ultrasonic cleaning solutions have specialised formula’s to achieve the best results in minimal time. It is a time-saving and cost-effective way to clean your items, whether in a medical setting, engineers workshop or for personal use.

    For more information please see our website listings or contact one of our product specialists.

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  4. November 02, 2020

    Using Ultrasonic Tanks for steeping e-juice/ vape liquids.

    Steeping is used to achieve smoother and more pronounced flavour from your vape liquids/ e-juice’s.

    So, how can our Ultrasonic tanks be used for steeping?


    Get 2 weeks’ worth of results in just 4 hours.


    Start by filling up your tank with warm water or letting the tank heat up prior to using.

    Place your closed e-liquid bottles inside the tank and cycle tank  for two hours, we recommend maximum cycle times of 45 Minutes with a 15 minute rest in-between each cycle . The cavitation effect will allow the molecules to blend together quickly – speed steeping to save time compared to traditional steeping methods.

    After the f

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  5. November 02, 2020

    Why you should be using Ultrasonic Tanks to steep your Vape liquid/ e-juice.

    Steeping your vape juice allows the ingredients (PG/VG, flavourings and nicotine) to mix together.

    This produces improved taste and aroma by helping the flavours blend and become more pronounced.

    The process of steeping is particularly important with DIY liquids, enhancing the flavours of the freshly made juice.

    Traditional methods of steeping involve letting the liquid sit for 2 weeks, which is why speed steeping methods like using Ultrasonic tanks have become so popular.

    You can achieve the same results in just 2 hours using the Ultrasonic Tank steeping technique, results have been identical in flavour and colour – making this an excellent time-saving hack!

    As well as flavour and aroma, the steeping process also evaporates traces of alcohol found in some e-liquids.

    Read more on how to steep your vape liquid using our Ultrasonic tanks here –

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  6. October 19, 2020

    Why use a basket for Ultrasonic Cleaners?

    Our Stainless Steel baskets are a crucial part of the Ultrasonic cleaning process.

    The baskets are included with all of our XL range tanks and sold separately in our standard range. We do recommend using a basket unless you have an alternative method of suspending your items within the Ultrasonic bath.

    This mesh basket will hold your Items whilst they are immersed into the cleaning fluid and are essential for the following reasons:

    It prevents the items from having any contact with the bottom of the tank, which could cause damage to the bath or Heaters and transducers below.

    Improves Cavitation efficiency of the clean as the cleaning fluid can circulate properly and ensure there are minimal blind spots.

    The handles on our smaller baskets overhang the edge of the tank and allow safe removal of items from hot water/ ultrasonic cleaning fluids. It also provides extra safety when handling objects like dental instruments etc.

    Makes item removal

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