How do Ultrasonic Cleaners Work?

What is Ultrasonic Cleaning?

Ultrasonic Cleaning is a method that uses ultrasonic sound waves coupled with a suitable cleaning solution to clean items. These ultrasonic waves vary between 28Khz - 40Khz.

Ultrasonic cleaners work through a process known as “Cavitation”. This is where an electrical generator unit within the tank will emit a high frequency signal and the transducer(s) attached to the tank produce compression waves in the liquid. During cavitation the liquid is torn apart forming vacuum cavities or bubbles. As each cavity collapses it produces pressures of 20,000 lbs/square inch at a temperature of 5,000 degrees – but on a microscopic scale. The bubbles then proceed to blast dirt and particles from every inch of the item(s) submerged in the tank.

To maximize Ultrasonic Cleaning items are submerged in the cleaning liquid. The millions of microscopic bubbles, created by the Ultrasonic Cleaner, are able to reach all areas of the item and provide extremely thorough cleaning as seen below!

Before Ultrasonic Cleaning
After Ultrasonic Cleaning

Which Ultrasonic Cleaning Solution do I need?

For the best cleaning results we suggest using a specific cleaning solution.

We also recommend using de-ionised, de-mineralised or distilled water, as calcium carbonate and other impurities in tap water can reduce the cleaning properties of the solutions and produce undesirable side effects such as limescale deposits.

For cleaning engine parts, carburetors or jewellery we would recommend one of our specific cleaning solutions. You can see our full range below:

What can I clean with Ultrasonic Cleaners?

There is an endless list of items that can be cleaning with Ultrasonic technology. As long as they are waterproof or can be submerged in water, almost anything can be cleaned. This includes:

  • - Jewellery (We advise checking with a Jeweler to ensure the Jewellery can be cleaned with Ultrasonic Technology)
  • - Carburetors
  • - Engine Parts
  • - Dental Instruments
  • - Tattoo Equipment
  • - Veterinary Instruments
  • - Coins
  • - Waterproof Watches