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Gift Ideas

  1. Part No:US-TA-3L
    £16.13 ( £13.44 Ex. VAT)

    Spare bath for use with ultrasonic cleaners. Can be used for pre-soaking of equipment before cleaning, or for rinsing after your cleaning process is complete.
  2. Part No:US-BA-6L-RING
    £18.44 ( £15.37 Ex. VAT)

    Ring basket for Allendale 6 Litre Ultrasonic Tanks with 28 prongs to clean rings, small tools and more.
  3. Part No:US-SO-CAR-1L
    £9.14 ( £7.62 Ex. VAT)

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean carburettors and engine parts, also machine parts and metal units.
  4. Part No:US-BA-1.3L
    £5.58 ( £4.65 Ex. VAT)

    Basket for Allendale 1.3 Litre Ultrasonics
  5. Part No:US-CU-DI-2L
    £84.54 ( £70.45 Ex. VAT)

    2 Litre Digital Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  6. Part No:US-KIT-CA-MEC-6L
    £272.50 ( £227.08 Ex. VAT)

    The kit is designed for professional mechanics, machinists, and engineers - It includes a 6L Cavitek Ultrasonic Tank and 5L bottle of carburettor cleaning solution
  7. Part No:US-KIT-JEW-1.3L
    £60.67 ( £50.56 Ex. VAT)

    This kit comprises of our home 1.3 litre ultrasonic cleaner with basket and 1 litre of our specially formulated Jewellery and precious metal cleaning solution. US-CU-1200H & US-SO-JEW-1L.
  8. Part No:US-KIT-05
    £23.93 ( £19.94 Ex. VAT)

    This kit is suitable for mechanics, dentists, scientists, tattooists, body piercing studio’s, doctors, engineers, veterinarian practices and more
  9. Part No:US-SO-FLU-1L
    £14.21 ( £11.84 Ex. VAT)

    A concentrated ultrasonic Cleaner fluid designed in the UK to clean flux and safe for use with PCB boards.
  10. Part No:US-BA-6L
    £11.15 ( £9.29 Ex. VAT)

    Basket for Allendale 6 Litre Ultrasonics
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