Concentrated Carburettor Cleaning Fluid - 1000 Litre IBC

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1000L IBC of concentrated carburettor cleaning detergent, designed specifically for carburettors and other engine parts. Also suitable for engineering, machinery and many other industrial applications.
  • 1000 Litre container.
  • Our special formulation for cleaning engine and machine parts in ultrasonic cleaners.
  • Safely removes contaminates such as carbon, grease, oil and general soiling from components.
  • The concentrate solution is added to water at a rate of 1 part concentrate to 10 parts of water (we recommend using deionised / de-mineralized water)
  • Ideal operating temperature 50-80 degreesC.
  • Safe to use on most metal, always test detergent on new applications before fully submerging in solution.
  • Rinse thoroughly once removed from solution.
  • Applications include: carburettors, valves, cylinder heads, rockers, seats and many other engine parts.
  • Suitable for mechanical, engineering, machining, laboratory and other industrial and domestic uses.

Intermediate bulk container of specially formulated carburettor & engine cleaning solution. Ideal for large scale commercial users that require a greater volume of detergent. This is an alkaline based detergent that works well on all engine parts. Suitable for: marine, automotive, construction and agricultural engines and machinery as well as workshop applications.


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Allendale ultrasonics, part of the Allendale group, has been supplying ultrasonic cleaners to Hobby users through to the industrial sectors since 2003, with a large range of stock tanks from 0.7 Litre to 288 Litres capacity, available off the shelf. Custom sizes within and beyond the stocked range are also available built to the customers desired specification.  

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TypeCleaning Solution
BrandAllendale Ultrasonics
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