Benchtop Range

Our selection of Stainless Steel Cleaners offer great performance at a great price

Benchtop Range

  1. Part No:US-CU-BU-3L
    £122.54 ( £102.12 Ex. VAT)

    3 Litre Dial Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 3L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  2. Part No:US-CU-BU-0.7L
    £47.75 ( £39.79 Ex. VAT)

    0.7 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner, 0.7L Tank -220V
  3. Part No:US-CU-BU-2L
    £80.52 ( £67.10 Ex. VAT)

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    2 Litre switch Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 2L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  4. Part No:US-CU-BU-6L
    £197.35 ( £164.46 Ex. VAT)

    Dial Controlled 6 Litre Ultrasonic Cleaner, 6L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  5. Part No:US-CU-BU-27L
    £458.11 ( £381.76 Ex. VAT)

    27 Litre Dial Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 27L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  6. Part No:US-CU-BU-9L
    £257.53 ( £214.61 Ex. VAT)

    9 Litre Dial Controlled Ultrasonic Cleaner, 9L Tank with Heated Bath -220V
  7. Part No:US-CU-BU-10L
    £389.53 ( £324.61 Ex. VAT)

    10 litre dial controlled ultrasonic cleaner with thermostatic heated bath and timer. Long and narrow for those slimmer items such as surgical & medical instruments. Power supply: 220V/AC 50Hz. 200 Watts Ultrasonic power 40kHz.
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